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Do I Need A Dentist Or An Orthodontist For Tooth Extractions

Posted February 04th 2022

When you have a teeth-related problem, there are mainly two options, either visit a dentist or see an orthodontist. Most often, people are confused on whom they should see, so here we attempt to make this easier for you. Both dentists and orthodontists specialise in oral healthcare and they can treat problems affecting your teeth, gums, tongue and mouth.

Orthodontists are specialists who can do what the dentist can do, apart from specialising in diagnosing and treating the misalignment of your teeth, gums, mouth and jaws. While they basically have the same kind of jobs, there are special responsibilities that an orthodontist can have.

Dentists and orthodontists take the same certification when they first graduate from a dental school. Orthodontists will have to do further training which can either be a two-year or three-year residency before they can practice professionally. By the end of their training, they would be able to correct bites, correct how your teeth come in contact with one another, do occlusion and straighten your teeth.

Differences between a dentist and an orthodontist
Dentists can perform tooth extractions, but when the patient needs a surgical tooth extraction, the dentist would often refer them to an oral surgeon. In a simple tooth extraction, where the tooth is visible above the gumline, the dentist would just need forceps to extract it. The dentist can also take out a tooth by applying a local anesthesia, right at their office. Apart from that the dentist would teach you tips on oral hygiene, how to keep you teeth and gums clean and healthy at all times. Maintaining oral hygiene is so important for your overall health. Oral health issues can lead to other diseases of the body, including heart diseases and diabetes.

To meet with a high certified and qualified Orthodontist in Qatar, you can book an appointment with Naseem Dental Centre. If you need to get professional help with your bite, tooth alignment or make your smile more beautiful, you can get in touch with our orthodontists.

Our dentists help you with overall oral care, gum diseases and problems, tooth decay and simple tooth extraction process. On the other hand, if you have an underbite or an overbite issue, teeth alignment problem or tooth crowding, our orthodontists would be the best people on the job.

Children need to see orthodontists too
It is advised to take your children below the age of 7 to see an orthodontist, apart from the regular visit to the dentist. The orthodontist would be able to judge whether your child would need braces in the teeth in the future. If they need one, then they would create a treatment plan that involves braces and retainers. The orthodontist would also be able to detect too much space between teeth, teeth that stick out and unaligned jaws. If needed they can even do a teeth straightening surgery or install dental appliances like braces and palatal expanders.

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