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Is It Safe To Smoke After Tooth Extraction?

Posted February 04th 2022

It is not good to smoke at all, but there are times when you shouldn’t be smoking at all. And that is after tooth extraction. If you smoke regularly, then the temptation is great, and so you should read about why it isn’t safe at all.

First of all, consider why you need tooth extraction?
Smoking is a leading cause of gum diseases and infections, and when ignored, can lead to other complications. But when you’ve just had a smoke extraction, you need to abstain from smoking Cigarettes have chemicals that could be harmful to your teeth, and if you smoke after teeth extraction, your recovery time is affected.

So what happens when you smoke after tooth extraction?
Your condition worsens, and decay of teeth and gums will continue. This will lead to more tooth decay and infections. Aftercare is an important aspect in tooth extraction. So when you do your tooth extraction in Doha, your dentist would tell you the process of healing, and the medicines you can take to relieve the pain. As part of aftercare, avoid eating hard foods, consuming other tobacco products and sucking from a straw.

If the pain continues after the surgery, and becomes unbearable, you can visit your dentist for a follow up check up. The pain may start from one ear to another, affecting the eyes and neck in the process. Bad breath, foul taste in the mouth and slight fever are side effects of tooth extraction and symptoms of dry socket.

It is absolutely important not to smoke at all for three days after the extraction. Smoking will affect the healing, cause inflammation and dryness of teeth and gums. The healing would of course depend on the individual, and for a normal person, the blood clot time is three days, which is why you should wait. Smoking can delay the discharge of blood clots, and healing will take time. Smoking can also cause irritation, inflammation and swelling of the gums. If the extraction aftercare is not giving your relief, you will have to visit the dentist again to clean out the dry socket, and get it dressed. By being careful, you can nurse your teeth and gums back to health.

And that’s not all. If you smoke sooner, it would eventually lead to bad breath and difficulty in opening the mouth. The pain of extraction perks up and worsens. Give yourself time to heal, and to maintain good oral hygiene, it would be best if you quit smoking completely.

If you want to quit completely, you can indulge in other activities that would give comfort. You can participate in sports activities, go to the gym, go cycling or start a hobby.

Visit your dentist at Naseem Dental Centre if you are advised tooth extraction. Our dentists are also the best for procedures like, teeth whitening and teeth filling in Qatar. The dentist would guide you through the process smoothly so you can heal nicely and recover quickly. Contact our hospital to know more about the tooth extraction process, the healing techniques and you can maintain excellent oral hygiene throughout life. Our dentists are highly experienced, certified and you can tell them your fears.

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