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Teeth Whitening Procedures You Should Know About

Posted February 04th 2022

Natural teeth are not pure white, but as you age, and due to the kind of diet and lifestyle followed, teeth tend to yellow over time. The colour of healthy teeth is pearly white, and with proper oral hygiene and teeth whitening procedures, they can look even better.

When a baby’s temporary teeth fall off and new permanent ones come in, they are not white, but slightly yellowish though the temporary ones are white. As the child grows older, lifestyle, followed by lack of proper care, and general wear and tear will all cause the teeth to look stained.

There are some teeth whitening procedures that you should know about. Talk to your dentist to know which procedure would be more suitable for you.

Bleaching at the dentist’s office
You can do the bleaching at the dentist’s office where the dentist would apply a protective gel to the gums and then do the procedure. This would protect the gums while the procedure is on.

Stain removal toothpaste
Stain removal toothpaste is available in the market through over the counter stores. Your dentist would be able to tell you if that would be enough to remove the stains, or if you need other procedures. If the stain is minimal, stain removal toothpaste with the tiny amount of abrasives present in them would be just perfect. They remove the stains only, the color of the teeth remains the same.

Custom-made trays for home use
The dentist would provide you with a custom-made tray with bleaching solution and would instruct you on how to use the same. You can do this at your convenience, but it would take more time than in-house bleaching.

How long will the teeth stay white
The effects of teeth whitening will depend on the person, but if you are careful with the diet, and the beverages (for example red wine, which is not good for the teeth at all) you consume, followed by excellent oral hygiene, you can push the effects of whitening for a much longer period?

Side effects from teeth whitening
The teeth whitening might turn out to be a bit sensitive procedure for some people. Peroxide might get through to the enamel and reach the dentin, and the nerves of the tooth, irritating the tooth. But this is a temporary discomfort, and you will get through it. However, it is important not to overdo on the whitening, so do it only under the direction of your dentist.

Teeth whitening may not be suitable for all
Teeth whitening procedures may not correct all stains. Yellow teeth may respond well, but teeth with brownish or greyish tones may not respond that well. Whitening may not be good for fillings, veneers, crowns or caps. If your teeth are yellowish as a result of medication, then it might not work.

Choosing a good dentist is very important. If you are looking for reliable teeth whitening in Qatar, Naseem Dental Centre is a good option. The dentists at the hospital are highly experienced, and have done several teeth whitening procedures with excellent success rate. Teeth whitening is a complex procedure, so it is important to go for a consultation first before starting out on your own.

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